Efficiency is our Expertise.

Our competent and experienced staff specialise in the realisation of high-performance solutions.

This means our company boasts the expertise for developing tailor-made products for a multitude of abrasive applications and virtually all types of grinders und sanders.

Full-Service Rendered in Close Customer Proximity

We view ourselves as partners of our customers with whom we always stay in close contact - one of the key prerequisites for realising individual problem solutions. With our company located in Remscheid, amidst the tool and cutlery industries, we are always within easy reach.

Thanks to our outstanding vertical range of manufacture we offer utmost flexibility, which also includes customised problem solutions and guaranteed shortest delivery times.

Quality Assurance from A to Z

Our Quality Management System covers everything from product development through manufacturing to customer care. From goods receiving to the finished product our quality assurance team decides on the clearance and approval of processes and products. In the process both our members of staff and our customers are constantly kept abreast of the latest developments and technical improvements.

Our profound knowledge of a wide variety of industries and developments allows us to always use state-of-the-art technologies. And this efficiency, operational excellence and competitive edge benefits our customers.