Always One Step Ahead - For Over 75 Years

Since its founding in 1935 Schmitz Schleifmittelwerk GmbH has focused on producing mineral-bonded abrasives to machine tools and especially to grind machine knives.

Over the first decade we already extended our production to include Bakelite bonded abrasives.

Pioneering in Research and Development

Already in the late 60s advances were made in the development and production of cast, epoxy-resin based abrasives. By perfecting this innovative technology and adapting it to the area of cutlery our company secured market leadership.

In the mid 80s and after many years of development we included the production of fan-type discs in our portfolio. This means our company boasts three important, almost independent branches of manufacturing allowing us to fulfil a wide spectrum of customer requirements. Our abrasive systems represent trendsetting steps in abrasive technology today.

New Benchmarks for Manufacturing and Production

The strong expansion of our product portfolio associated with a remarkable increase in turnover required us to move to larger premises as early as in the late 80s. The move took place in 1992 and today the abrasives production site occupies approx. 5,000 square metres of production area on the Jägerwald industrial estate.

With our extensive manufacturing range, state-of-the-art production equipment and 40 highly skilled employees we are a successful medium-sized company perfectly geared to facing the challenges of the future.